Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Time No Cluck

Alright. So, there have been plenty of opportunities to update but I haven't had time (or I wrote out this epic long post and it was lost when I accidentally pressed 'back' on the browser, drats!).

Anyways, here are the exciting news, in no specific order:

1) A cat door has been installed in the fence between our yard and the neighbours who are hosting the main run area. A couple hens went through with some coaxing, but the black hens would have none of it. Hence, we wired the door open until they are more confident in their door-opening abilities.

2)The coop: It is so incredibly awesome. Especially as of late. I will post photos soon, but to describe...
  • the flower box has been installed on the door of the coop
  • the hens have been digging nearly 6 inches down into the soil, prompting us to perhaps make a stone path for human access to the coop without mucking through muck
  • final painting of the fence
  • the run, the path to the run, the hut in the run, the kitty-door....all awesome, mostly all Bill
3) Maggots: Alejandro has made an urban maggot farm for the chickens. He made a video on youtube which can be found here: Urban Maggot Farm

4) MJ decided to become an escape artist today. She tried to make a run for it via our neighbours yard on the other street. She hopped the fence. The fence has since been reinforced with higher chicken fencing. We hope she hasn't told the others about the delicious grass on the other side.

5) Jackie made a dummy egg full of chili sauce to help prevent Mystery Chicken from eating other eggs. We're not sure where it went. Perhaps someone thought it was an egg-for-eating, as it wasn't labelled until afterwards, but if you know of the whereabouts, please feel free to let us know, anonymously or not. We are just curious, that is all.

6)Yard clippings, grass-type-clippings, large branches for chicken snacks are encouraged to be placed within the run area in Michel's yard, rather than by the coop. It'll encourage the ladies to be over in there more, scrounging for bugs in the dirt and helping along the future garden bed.

7)Chickens are awesome. Ours are no exception.

I think that is all the exciting news from the last 10 (eerp!) days. Photos of the finale of the coop to come soon! Perhaps some more action shots too. I'll look into a video tour of the yard too maybe. We'll see what happens during my days off this week. :)

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