Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three Eggs (so far anyhoo)

The coop has been coming along quite well in the past couple days. We've been painting and there are thoughts of putting the metal roof on for some extra protection against the liquid sunshine. I saw a black kitty checking out the flock this morning, but I don't think he would have lasted very long if he decided to climb into the yard. I don't doubt the chickens would peck that little guy back to where he came from. I bet the neighbourhood cats are just curious about what the heck is going on.

Michael Jackson tried to make an escape today too. She decided she could fly up onto a little ledge on the fence. Luckily there is chicken wire on the top as it was anticipated the ledge could be a stepping stone to freedom. Her wings were caught a wee bit, but she got herself out. Hopefully she learned her lesson. Silly birdy.

Eggs of the Day : Oprah & Pepita, and the mysterious overnight layer.

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  1. i love how michael jackson is not only black and white, she is also a she ^_^